Artist and Project Management

Artist Management:

CJL Media Arts Group offers a range of services to emerging and mid-career clients. We specialize in offering services in : Business Consultation, Strategic & Tactical Plan Development, Marketing & Brand Management, and Commercial Negotiations. We tailor our services to the needs and strengths of each Client.

Project Management:

CJL Media Arts Group provides Project Management services for clients who require assistance planning, budgeting and executing special events requiring attention to detail. Our team has an excellent complement of business, organizational, project management, communication and creative skills, which we combine to create successful events for our clients.

Business Consultation:

CJL Media Arts Group will have an initial two hour business consultation with a new client to discuss their career aspirations, assess their talent(s), identify unique artistic qualities and identify the clients' target market and demographic.

Strategic & Tactical Plan Development:

At CJL Media Arts Group we use our knowledge and experience across a broad spectrum of professional fields to assist clients with developing a career plan, identifying strategic direction, areas of development and initial engagement, assessing their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and competition in their genre. Our aim is to develop and guide our client towards a successful and fulfilling career by forming action plans and setting measurable milestones to reach their creative and professional goals.

Marketing & Brand Management:

CJL Media Arts Group specializes in creating marketable brands and client catalogs. We begin by assessing the target market based on the clients' specific talents and abilities. Our team works together with the client to create a brand identity in the marketplace. Strong and innovative branding is the key to success in a competitive market. We also assist with launch of the client brand in high visibility industry events, public media and via internet based platforms. We utilize innovative marketing strategies that are fresh, engaging and aim to deliver the best results for each client.

Commercial Negotiations:

Drawing on a rich background of visual art, music, entertainment and business we assist our Clients with commercial negotiations.